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What kind of practice do you want to develop? Cold Start, VT Only, Adding VT to an Existing Primary Care Practice? Just let me know and know  and I can help you realize your goals.

Simple Advice
Start with a simple decision
Know that you don't know yourself

Maze Consulting was designed to help you find what you need to reach new heights in eye care. I have decades of expertise in visual developmental deficiencies have contributed to a curated program dedicated to helping fellow Optometrists think outside the box to implement treatments that deliver.

Not sure you need a consulting. Business is hard, the business of optometry is hard and specific. The business of running an optometric practice that is solely vision therapy oriented or a significant portion of the income is from vision therapy services presents itself with its own unique challenges. We as optometrists are smart individuals; however, we are not without fault.  

Enjoy your dream

Ownership wasn’t still without challenges, and things were far from perfect. The insight however, to create systems and solve problems was invaluable. Consider the idea that if you own a optometric practice that offers vision therapy you might be terrible at the business aspect of it. If there is a chance you might be paying for an outside opinion may be your best option.

In recent years social psychology as taught us a lot about our propensity for making mistakes and rationalizing them as well as our unawareness to our unawareness. For some owners of a vision therapy practice the struggles can be very apparent. Either lack of cash flow, or lack of cash, all of our free time devoted to the business, or difficulties with employee management. Business acumen can come easily to some, but to many lack of business knowledge hurts productivity as well as personal reward associated with ownership. I have personally experience both highs and lows of business ownership.

Dad Bod Run Club

For fun I also run, and I'm a dad. Click here to be linked to our Etsy store for fun T shirts

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